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Bill AE4QL is an expert at HTML, Cisco Systems and the global IP telephony rollout that is rapidly occurring.  If computers refuse to work he has a highly skilled crew to take a pole axe to it and cut it up for scrap -- we recycle!

Photo Montage Skilfully Executed By Wayne Johnson KQ4PL

 Left to Right

(1) Bill Hays AE4QL London, Kentucky, Radio Engineer and Supervisor for the Governor's Office for Technology.  Bill has no responsibility for Governor Patton's extramarital affairs.


(2) Ernie Morgan AB4RJ Henderson, Kentucky, Operating Engineer and Excellent Structural Engineer


(3) David Alkire Smith W8YZ, Monroe, Michigan, Great Great Grandson of Michael Schmidt (Smith), Great Grandson of Jacob Smith & David Michael Alkire CSA, Grandson of Ulysses Lee Smith and Son of Hugh Earl Smith

 Amateur Radio Provides Technical Education in the Schools and Community


A Group Kentucky State and Federal Communications Technicians Attending a Ham Provided Training Seminar in London Kentucky

Bill Makes Understanding SWR & Matching Easy

Go To Bill AE4QL Standing up to Standing Waves Demo

Bill Hays AE4QL tries to make the demonstration available to two way electronic technicians broadcast technicians , boy scouts, engineering school groups and the general public when possible.  If there is interest in such a presentation, Bill may be contacted most evenings at 1-606-843-7026.

The web keeper reminds persons that Bill has out of pocket expenses and it is reasonable to reimburse him for his expenses and a reasonable honorarium.

Tribute to George Race WB8BGY and George Wilson W40YI

Fun times in Kentucky

The Strong Ties between Michigan and Kentucky

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