The A Mother's Love

 Prayer was Requested for A Friend in Kentucky

Her twin daughters were born several months prematurely and hope for their survival was slim.

Daughter Kendyl alone lived and beat slim odds through the power of prayer.


the These twin sisters, at the gestational stage at which they were born (23 weeks) are not considered human beings under the doctrine of Roe v. Wade.


Kentucky have close ties dating to the war of 1812 and many Monroe Citizens were born in Kentucky and Tennessee.  These fine folks contribute greatly to our strong work ethic and firm belief in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Good Morning!  

A very good morning indeed!  Gordon and I arrived at the hospital this morning to catch the Doctors' doing their "rounds" as we do every morning.  Kendyl is doing very well.  As we mentioned yesterday, she is taking full feedings of breast milk, no bleeding of the brain and today is urinating much better than yesterday.  We praise God for all these blessings!

After the Doctors' finished their "round-up", one of Kendyl's primary nurses, Deb, who is taking care of her today, asked me if I was ready to hold her on her four week birthday.  What a wonderful surprise for Gordon and I!  I couldn't say "yes" fast enough.  After some careful maneuvering of tubes and wires, I was able to hold our Kendyl in my arms for the first time.  It was a wonderful feeling to embrace her with my body and not just with my mind and eyes.  Over the past four weeks, Kendyl has grown and we have noticed all those changes along the way.  We were, however, reminded just how tiny she truly is once she was out of the isolette and in my arms.  We have attached a few photos for you to share the moment with us.  We were also able to capture her beautiful eyes open in a couple of the photos.

I can't begin to describe my feelings of joy and thanksgiving to have had the opportunity to hold this precious gift for the first time.  I give thanks to God for His blessings on my family and I give thanks to all of you for your willingness to share each step of these moments and experiences we are going through with us!  Please keep praying so we may have many more of these times to come!

God bless you all today and always!

Our Love-



Update November 5, 2003

 Here is the latest update on Kendyl.  We are told that the best situation right now is for this to be a "boring" time as Kendyl makes steady progress day by day.  Please continue to pray over these specific concerns, and continue praising God for His wonderful work.

Still doing well!

Not much change in the last couple of days.  Her feeds are now at 11.5 CCs every two hours and she digests nearly all of it with each feed.  Last night she returned a small bit undigested here and there; nothing to worry about though.

She deSATS occasionally, usually during feeding due to reflux, but the nurses have commented that her deSATS are becoming less frequent.  She had a pretty big one yesterday and they determined that her breathing tube was plugged with some secretion.  So, they changed out her breathing tube for a new one.  They usually change it after about 30 days anyway.  So, it was time.

She is still just under 2 pounds.  It seems that its a two steps forward, one step back process with weight gain due to fluid build-up and release.  She is above the typical growth chart progression for her age.

She was one month old on Saturday and will be 5 weeks old on Wednesday.  Simply amazing. Everyone comments on how much they like to get pictures.  So, not to disappoint, we've attached a few.  One shows mommy giving Kendyl a lotion massage and the other shows Kendyl's look of sheer enjoyment of it.

Ongoing prayer requests:

 Stays free from infection, especially NEC

Steady improvement in the health of her lungs so that she can gradually decrease her oxygen levels, and eventually be weaned from the ventilator

That on the path of her lung development, she can keep her SATS (blood oxygen saturation levels) primarily in the "80s".  If they keep it in the "90s" it increases the risk of eye damage.  If it drops too low, it increases the risk of brain bleeds other neurological damage.

Continued wise and decisive action by her Drs. and nurses.

Smooth transition to new Attending Dr.

Thank you for sharing in our joy of Kendyl's life, day by day.  Thank you for continuing to pray for her.  Please keep the ongoing prayer requests on your heart.

This is our Happy New Year Announcement

Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2003 12:44 PM

Subject: Kendyl Update - 12-31-03 (Big News)

OK - We have really really big news.  

First, Kendyl's eye exam yesterday showed that the ROP has remained at stage two.  This is yet another big answer to prayer.  Please keep praying that this eye disease does not worsen and will regress to stage one and eventually go away, as the doctor predicted.  Second big piece of news is that Kendyl's feeding tube has been out since shortly after Christmas.  So, she has been feeding entirely by bottle or breast, and doing so superbly.  Also, after an examination by a developmental specialist, she did not find any need for physical therapy for developmental needs, such as "First Steps", which is commonly required due to developmental differences arising from spending gestational time outside the womb.  Also, Kendyl is up to 3 lbs, 13.5 oz., only 2.5 oz away from 4 lbs.. She continues breathing well on her nasal cannula without any issues.  Lastly, to our shock and amazement, they have targeted Wednesday or Thursday of next week for Kendyl to come home.  We continue giving God all the credit for the incredible way he has answered so many specific prayers on Kendyl's unprecedented journey.

Kendyl's First Christmas



Mom and Dad brought Kendyl home Wednesday January 7, 2004


Jill Holding Kendyl at home


A Proud Older Sister Holding Kendyl


Web Keepers Notes: In a nation so dishonoring God that our courts and many citizens place no value on Innocent Human Life it is refreshing to see a Mother's Love and share in prayer for this precious little life... That of Kendyl


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