Monroe Michigan Has Strong Ties With Kentucky

The writer has spent many years developing relationships with the historians in Kentucky relating to the settlement of the Commonwealth and the formation of the North West territory.  This includes college work where the history of the revolutionary war involves Kentucky in many ways such as saltpeter (Potassium Nitrate) production and the chemical processes carried out to make the commercial product in Kentucky.  

The writer on many occasions has corrected misunderstandings concerning the culture and tradition of the great commonwealth of Kentucky and how its citizens who settle in Michigan have been a great blessing to our state.  

Ham Radio in Kentucky Can Be Fun

Your web Keeper enjoys good clean fun with friends.  In a world so full of hate, it is relaxing to get into a nice rag chew before or after work and share the day's experiences with friends.  At one time, the people on the frequency 3960 in the Midwest were mainly hard working Christian folks -- the type of honest folks Bill Gaskin speaks of on the Renfro Valley Gathering I listen to on WJR 760 KHz at 5 AM on Sunday mornings.  This is how the web keeper thinks of Kentucky.  This is how the Webkeeper wishes to remember 3960 KHZ .


A service occasionally provided by the web keeper is expert witness work with standing in both local and federal court.  Because some persons use a lawsuit as a mechanism to obtain money or property they are not entitled to by reason of honest ownership, work or a grievous tort, the web keeper generally will only work for Christians and only on the criteria that a wrong has been committed under the law of God and man.  It on one such occasion that the web keeper was working in Kentucky when we had to take a break in our work and go into prayer for a mother having a problem.  This was a priority for both the attorney I was working for and me.  See:

A Mother's Love

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The web keepers opinion is that any official of any radio club who offers information to a government official concerning the operation of any amateur radio station based on hearsay and proceeds to publish same abroad becomes a public figure and is not is a position to demand that his writing is subject to be published on the internet be removed or use the officers of any government agency to make this demand on his or her behalf.

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Not wishing to be declared an ingenuine licensee of any administrative agency which would cost me my amateur radio license, and being unable to afford a court challenge to defend my First Amendment rights, certain materials concerning officials of the radio club based in the State of Connecticut together with amateur radio rituals occurring in The Commonwealth of Kentucky freely provided for publication on this site have been removed.

We never want future generations to forget the sacrifices and eventual victory the Kentucky Militiamen over the British at the Battle of the River Raisin in Monroe, Michigan.  Until recently, the city thought Kentucky Memorial Place was just a park with the name MONROE in flowers.

Kentucky Memorial Place

The Kentucky Arsenal Museum in Frankford Administered by John Trowbridge includes the burial grounds of many heroes of the settlement of the lands in the Commonwealth and North West Territory.  John has been of invaluable help to many of us in Monroe who wish to have closer ties with Kentucky because of our history and destiny were tied together by the blood of slain heroes.

Kentucky Arsenal Museum in Frankfort

Monroe Citizens wished to strengthen ties with Kentucky and under the leadership of John Trowbridge and the Office of the Governor and AG office of the Kentucky National Guard, cooperation was established.  This was done by a dear friend Dick Micka, retired Vice President of La-Z-Boy Chair Corporation who together with his wife Jean.  This required substantial contacts and arrangements with those key figures in Kentucky and the leaders in Monroe and Michigan to rededicate out memorial place and fly the flag of the Commonwealth on Michigan soil.

War of 1812 Memorial Place 100 Year Rededication October 17, 2004

The writers previous involvement with han radio in Kentucky as as a speaker at a Great Lakes Division Division and finally a National ARRL convention in Louisville,Kentucky in the 1980s.  The writer accepted an AD appointment and served under Director George Wilson W4OYI, and subsequent directors until George Race Resigned.  George as Director was working very hard to bring a newly elected Kentucky SM John Meyers in line with League policy.  I resigned the AD appointment concurrent with Georges resignation.  There is a need for fresh ideas and new people.

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