JW Wilson A man of few words and all true


JW at Jimmy Wall's Picnic


JW Wilson at the 2003 Cave City Hamfest

JW Wilson always had a friendly attitude toward all in spite of physical difficulty & suffering -- He Became a SK on September 23, 2003


JW Wilson WD9IWY & Wife Marge at Cave City 2003

JW Wilson served faithfully as A NCS station on the KTN, once a regional traffic net until he was told he was not needed under a new way of doing things.  JW did his duties with pride and stated his case for a friendly functional net one time after the , as obviously he was disappointed that his faithfulness was not wanted by the KY ARRL power structure.  JW never understood the idea that anything was impossible and was a good conversationalist on all technical topics.  On and off the air he was a friend to all and avoided factionalism.

Richard Kirby visited JW and Marge overnight riding his Harley over to see JW.  Both of these real men were in good health and somehow we had a feeling that it was the last time they would share face to face fellowship in this world.

JW Wilson at the 2003 Cave City Hamfet

Jan KF4GQN, JW WD9IWY and Bill W4JEI Our Friday Night Trio Making Sweet Music at Cave City Gathering 2003


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