W8YZ Loop Aerials

This is a WWVB receiving loop with 23 turns if wire inside an electrostatic shield.  One-half inch trade size plastic piping is used for environmental protection.  The windings are series resonant at 60 Kilo-Cycles per Second by a number of silver mica high stability capacitors.  The signal is brought out by means of a single turn pickup loop similar to the MW design used by AE4QL.

Thanks to the work of the unsung WW-II hero that determined that Sigma hermetically sealed relays worked better if a small hole was drilled in the can, a small drain hole is provided next to the BNC connector at the bottom of the loop so water can escape.  The BNC connector as John Claudius Garand rifle design helped us win WW-II.  BNC is considered to stand for the unsung hero Bernard N. Cohen.



The WWVB loop together with two other lightning detection loops and a good many other aerials are shown in this view.



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