W8YZ Antenna Extender

For economy and simplicity, the top guy wires on a 64 foot Rohn 45 tower are broken up with transmitting insulators and one pair of two operated on 40 meters.  The second pair of two are cut to be reosnant and present a 50 ohn non reactive load at 3900 KHz through a one to one balun.  To operate on the Michigan CW Net on 3663 KHz,  a loop of copper tubing is attached near the end of the active portion of the 1/4 inch seven strand galvanized wire guy.

To lower the frequency of the 50 ohm match the simple double hook is put in place with a 15 foot pole having a small funnel on the end.  The weight is a piece of 3/4-inch brass rod.  

This same arrangement could easily be used to add any reasonable length of wire to the ends of any wire antenna to operate on a lower frequency.



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