3.960 Red "A" Net
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"First Kentucky Field Artillery Division"

General Morgan

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This site is dedicated to those hams on 3.960 who consider themselves a part of the Red "A" net which meets nightly sometime after the KTN.
        The "First Kentucky Field Artillery" as we are officially known ( unofficially- "the buzzards". A sobrique won on the field of battle where Buzzard Dave almost  won his medal of honor. Posthumously!)  has grown in strenghth and fighting trim. We have added our table of organization and equipment; Field Artillery, War Mules, pole-axes, various and sundry other "War Making Impedimenta".



 No Job Too Small!



The very Latest in Stealth Technology !



Red A Field HQ



Jerry Garcia is alive and living in Bob Vance's Storage Van

Special thanks are due Mike Fessler KF9VE for starting the 3960 site and being our first webmaster of the Red A.  Mike is a master electrician and an expert at HTML.  Be sure to thank Mike for his work in starting 3960.net. Mike is a very special friend of the present web keeper

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