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ARRL Web Site   As a life member and supporter I recommend it

Walter Maxwell W2DU's Homepage  A retired RCA Radio Engineer dispels widespread misunderstandings concerning conjugate matching and transmission line theory

L. B. Cebik, W4RNL Antennas Service and Education A retired professor dedicated to teaching about antennas, radio theory and the ethics of living and Thoughts on Caring for a Terminally Ill Loved One

Bill Hays Transmission and Antenna Demo Mission Statement

Standing Up For Standing WavesMission Statement:

Provide a Portable Cost Effective Visual Interactive Classroom Training Tool on RF Transmission Line and Antenna Theory that is completely Scalable to accommodate the wide ranging Skill Sets and Educational needs in the RF Communications Community  

Bill Hays AE4QL

George Race WB8BGY  Ham Radio, Flying Machines & Web Design

Fred Jones WA4SWF Site   Maintained by an Eastern Kentucky Amateur Committed to public servide and emergency training


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