Mike KF9VE & Claudia At Cave City 2002


Mike's M1 Garand 30-06

The United States M1 Rifle was the first rifle to actually have parts that were fully interchangeable as manufactured.  During WW-II, the M1 was produced by the Delco division of General Motors and several other manufacturers in addition to the U. S. Springfield Armory.  The M1 was the invention of a genuine genius, John Cantius Garand a Canadian born engineer who designed and perfected the rifle at the Springfield Armory.  While the M1 Rifle was never officially named the Garand, the inventors name and the rifle are synonymous.  it is termed a Garand known by no other name so widely. It was the product of a genuine genius, John Cantius Garand. While the M1 Rifle was never officially referred to as the Garand, it is known by no other name so widely.

The US Rifle M1 was the first semiautomatic rifle to be the standard small arm of the US Military, and the first semiautomatic rifle to be adopted by a major military power. First adopted in 1936, the M1 Rifle served the US in World War II, Korea, a host of "police actions" and interventions, and, in the hands of allies, in the Vietnam War. Even there the US Army fielded accurized sniper M1 rifles even though the M1 had by that time been supplanted by the M14 and later the M16.

The M1 Garand is a full blown combat rifle with maximum range of 3,200 meters and maximum effective range of 400 meters.... or the greatest distance at which the weapon can be expected to fire accurately to inflict casualties or damage. Fully loaded with, cleaning kit in butt stock, sling and with stock of dense GI issue wood the M1 weighed in at 11-1/4 lbs. The M1 came into production in 1936 using the 30.06 rifle cartridge which has a nominal bullet diameter of 0.308-inch.  

In the writers work, the pleasure of meeting co workers of John Garand who are still at work in the science of metrology.  The old Pratt and Whitney gun drilling lathes from the Springfield Armory are still in use at high quality barrel makers including Douglass Barrel in Charleston, West Virginia.  The writer has descended from a family of artisans which includes gun makers.  Douglass uses those same lathes that made the original 30.06 WW-I rifles to make high quality barrels in calibers from 0.017 caliber up.  

Shooters find the Garand  is a pleasure to fire.  The recoil is low to moderate and well suited to shooters having small frame structures.


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