3960 Going to the Lids

Some Terms Used on 3960 KC

 73: An amateur greeting at the end of a CW or phone QSO, typical CW usage: 73 es cul om

73S: See 73Z

73Z: An obscure radio tube

73Z:  A CB Term, typical usage: 73Z and hope to catch you down the coax.

75 METER MOBILE AERIAL-COMMERCIAL: These are only good for screwing up a good QSO.  A type of air cooled dummy aerial.

75 METER MOBILE AERIAL-EFFICIENT: These are homebrew ugly things.  They stand out in the Cracker Barrel Parking Lot. It is advisable to keep pregnant women and livestock from ever looking at one.

807: A tetrode transmitting tube having a five pin base and plate cap.

Aerial: See antenna

Aerial Coupler: A network of one or more adjustable reactances and or transformers often used achieve a conjugate match in a transmission line and/or provide maximum power transfer to the aerial

AMATEUR RADIO SERVICE: A very useful FCC administered radio service having minimal licensing requirements

Antenna: See Aerial

Antenna Tuner: A person who physically adjusts aerials

Antenna Tuner: A slang term for an aerial coupler

Barefooted: CB usage, I have no illegal amplifier. Amateur usage, wearing no shoes and socks.

CANTENNA: A type of mineral oil cooled dummy aerial built into a gallon paint can.  Check Halley's MO.

Commercially Made Wire Aerial: see Chiropractor

CB: The Citizens Radio Service

CB: A citizens band radio transceiver

Channel: See CB

CHIROPRACTOR: A doctor who issues medical wavers to aspiring amateur radio operators.  These wavers are taken to a VE team who must send the paperwork to the VEC.  This branch of medicine recognizes a fear of CW, paper, pencils, test forms, reading etc. as valid medical conditions.

CITIZENS RADIO SERVICE: A very useful FCC administered two way radio service having minimal licensing requirements.  Travelers find it handy to learn of and report highway hazards.  It is also highly recommend for travel information such as finding good restaurants and social accommodations.

Contact: Connect the ignition on an airplane

Destinated: We don't know what this means

G5RV: Commercially available wire aerial used in England by inept hams who can't figure out how to build an efficient space saving aerial.  Knowledgeable American hams consider it to be revenge for the Boston Tea Party. See Cantenna.

GERMAN WIRE AERIAL: A highly efficient aerial, much the same as an American aerial except it uses square wire

HANDICAPPED PARKING PERMIT: If this subject is discussed on the air it is almost certain to cause hate and discontent.  See Chiropractor.

Lid: A cover typically made of metal, ceramic or plastic used to enclose a cannister or chamberpot

Lid: A measure of illegal drugs, typically one ounce

Lid: CW usage, to put a lid upon a transmission.  A polite way to tell a station in QSO to cease transmission

Lid: Radiotelephone mode, A poor operator who is rude, abusive, can only talk about what interests him, and engages in mindless chatter

Lidette: A poor operator who is rude, abusive, can only talk about what interests her and engages in mindless chatter

Lidlist:  A list of outstanding jerks, frequency cops and persons of similar ilk.  See LidList

Lidlist: Digital Amateur Use - Communications Gateway Sysops WILL shut down their GATE when Gating is abused and notify the user to change his/her digipath before re-opening the GATE or "LidList" them.

LIDLIST, ENHANCED: Protected Digital Port validated via External Server

LIDSMANSHIP: The practice of being a real jerk on the radio sometimes carried to an extreme.

LIDSMANSHIP, EXTREME: The practice of being a real jerk on the radio carried to an extreme, Operational Example: Taking a call like ?#LID, ??#LID as a "Vanity Call",  See Vanity Call

Living in Sin: Male and female cohabitation without the blessing of holy matrimony, See Welfare and ADC.

Mad Channel: A channel that CB operators use when they are mad at the operators on the channel that they like to use.

Mad Frequency: A frequency that Ham operators use when they are mad at the operators on the frequency that they like to use.

Personal: A person's name

Pole Ax: See Computer and Internet Terms

Round Billed Hat: Enables SSI and welfare recipients to see in their mailboxes without difficulty when looking for the checks those of who work for a living provide-see Chiropractor.

SIGN: A visual communication,  Typical usage: "I flung him a bird",  when engaging in road rage

SIGN OFF: Amateur TV use, Hold up a sign stating you are going to shut your station down.  Phone use, highly offensive, see sign.

SIGNAL REPORT: Typical usage follows: After a half hour of someone tuning up, blowing in the mike and making various noises indicating digestive disorders, the following request is made.  "I just gave a ham;s widow three bucks for an L4B amplifier... How does it sound?"

SSI: Some extra class amateurs are born on this government boondoggle-see Chiropractor.

Tuner: One who tunes

Tuner: See aerial Coupler


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