Ham Radio in Kentucky Can Be Fun

Your web Keeper enjoys good clean fun with friends.  In a world so full of hate, it is relaxing to get into a nice rag chew before or after work and share the day's experiences with friends.  At one time, the people on the frequency 3960 in the Midwest were mainly hard working Christian folks -- the type of honest folks Bill Gaskin speaks of on the Renfro Valley Gathering I listen to on WJR 760 KHz at 5 AM on Sunday mornings.  This is how the webkeeper wishes to remember 3960 KHZ .

Shank's Monkeys Eyebrow Sign & Other Quaint Stuff


The Red "A" Field Artillery Page One


The Red "A" Field Artillery Page Two


Red "A" Field Artillery Awards


Ham Radio Terms - Going to the Lids

How to Build Antennas That Actually Work

The Gospel Snakes & Holy Writ


The Dynamic Duo from Owensboro Billy K4BFM & Ron K4POW


Restart the General Loafer's Net - Free Certificate Available


Bill Queen WA4KJZ A real mans type of Man


Jimmy Wall's 3960 Picnic 2001


Clyde Bash W4GMI


Bruce K9ZLS and Marcella on Vacation May 2002


Mike Fessler's M1 Garand


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