Locktite® Solves Many Problems

Ironworkers, Millwrights, and Industrial welders approach all problems with enthusiasm and self-assurance.  Point at the problem and they will have at it with vigor.  Here is an example from long ago.

An afternoon production foreperson on major tandem lines 4 and 5 has reported to his general foreperson that the Tool & Die makers servicing his area are screwing off at the end of the line on dies that are not in need of work he/she thinks.  The production general foreperson brings this up in the production meeting and the T&D general foreperson passes along the complaint to the die service crew who have been working their buns getting ready for a dieset.  This critical information is passed along in a verbal lineup to the Midnight Shift T&D persons who nod their heads and double check as to just who is in line for grief to help assure that the innocent not receive excessive collateral damage.  

A well off production foreperson will have an Aurora Metal Cabinet Company self-standing desk that has been repaired many times by the metal finishers.  As an aid to standing upright, it often is tied to a building support column with a chain load binder form the steel storage area. The desk has only one lockable drawer for the day and afternoon shift foreperson to keep their master payroll cards needed to pay their employees via the local time clock data collectors.  The desk is also used for a lineup book and may have personal comfort items including hemorrhoid salve, headache pills, hangover remedies etc.

The midnight shift T&D staff has many means at their disposal to send a message.  These include:

Install several grease fittings on the desk as a warning that further problems will result in grease filling the drawer.

Dump heavy press lubricant into the drawer.

Apply Hi-Spot™ blue to the lock and phone.

Use Locktite on the lock.

Other choices would be tampering with the Best ™ lock using a special cylinder-pulling tool. This will not make much sense, as it is only a minor inconvenience to get security to open the desk and put the correct cylinder in place again.  Here is where Locktite® thread locking adhesives are useful.  Either the green wicking type or red high strength are normally used on locks.  Locktite will result in the millwrights being called for an emergency next morning.  they handle these problems with enthusiasm.  They have Airco™ cutting torches that will cut through a 140-pound rail faster than you can say, “Mind that gap”.  None of your Harbor Freight home hobby stuff for them.  In less than a minute they will:

Torch off the lock

Set fire to the desk drawer contents, two coats, three lunches and the telephone.

Put out the fire with lots of water

Roll up the hoses and leave happy that they were part of a solution



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