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I am the short person on the left.  Both my first cousin James and I were born in August 1938.  Once we were skinny 6" 1" kids.  James is still his full height but I have lost nearly five  inches of height due to degenerative disk disease.

The UAW labor union encourages persons with physical disabilities to go on the "draw" or SSI.  I believe that a person ought to work if they can.  Indeed my only choice was to start a metal stamping consulting business, which proved to be successful.

Much of my work is conducting classes in contract stamping shops.  My advice to the employees in these shops is to avoid union membership.  The union philosophy at present is to act as a dues collecting agency and they offer no help to an individual in need such as I when my back failed.  They will help thieves, persons who assault forepersons, persons with drinking and drug problems.  The theory seems to be to keep the worst examples safe and that will make the rest of the crew look good.

A typical Woodhaven UAW official probably spends more paid time in bars than on the job.  The company goes along with this behavior in exchange for running the plant their way.

Bruce Carrier was, in my opinion worse than worthless  as a benefits representitive.  When I needed help. Gary Smotherman at the international union who was an exception to the rule in that he was honest and believed in doing what was right.   Gary went far beyond the call of duty when I needed  help with insurance problems for the many back surgeries I required.

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