Dave W8YZ's Cave City 2002 Pictures - 3


Nice Group -- its nice to see Johnny and Amy have fun


Fat Jack, a graduate of the Moms Mabley School of the English Language and Charm School.  The man in Charge of the Ford Louisville Truck Assembly Operation.  Click for Smaller Image



George Race WB8BGY one of the finest ARRL Great Lakes Division Directors we have ever had -- Resigned August 20, 2002





A good Electrician and cheerful in spite of health problems




Eddie WA4EGQ

Who knows what evil lurks in the criminal's mind? Ed does!

Ed is an outgoing Christian believer provides a Christian witness to those whose lives he touches including persons who are clients of the KY criminal justice system.





Our Resident Chemist


Mike Mike KB4VKS

Although Blind, he earns his living and helps others-

An Inspiration to us all




George WB8BGY & Ron KF4UBX

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