A Real Man's Type Of Man

WA4KJZ Bill Queen In Nam age 24


A Picture Sent from A Buddy via E-Mail in 2002


 Air Strike

Pictures of an air strike Bill called by radio that killed 55 NVA 

A little About Bill

One of Bill's most familiar sayings is "If your word is no good then what good are you - no one can trust you".  Bill lives by this saying.  When college students were dodging the draft and demonstrating in the streets, Bill was doing a grim job he was sworn to carry out as member of the USMC.  

Bill always pays his own way and only asks for what is right.  Bill was repeatedly exposed to Agent Orange in Viet Nam.  Chemically, the product was a 50/50 mix of two herbicides, 2,4,-D (2,4, dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) and 2,4,5-T (2,4,5 trichlorophenoxyacetic acid).

Thee earliest health concerns about Agent Orange were about the product's contamination with TCDD, or dioxin. TCDD is one of a family of dioxins, some found in nature, and are cousins of the dibenzofurans and PCB's.  The TCDD found in Agent Orange is thought to be harmful to man. In laboratory tests on animals, TCDD has caused a wide variety of diseases, many of them fatal. TCDD is not found in nature, but rather is a man-made and an unwanted byproduct of the chemical manufacturing process. The Agent Orange used in Vietnam like anything supplied by the low bidder only to be used against the enemy was later found to be extremely contaminated with TCDD.

Bill is a wonderful person to chat with on the radio and in person.   He is not one to complain.  His opinions are well thought out.  If you ever get into a bind, you want bill in  your foxhole.                               

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