The KA8DDQ Jim Harvey Antenna Stretcher

 The purpose of the antenna stretcher or extender is to permit efficient operation below 3 MHz for operation on mars and perhaps the 160 meter amateur band/

This picture shows  the split bolt to make connection between the original antenna for 40 and 80 meter operation at the original end insulator.  Number 14 AWG electrical wire is used for the extender.

The added loading coil wound on 2" PVC pipe consisting 25 turns of #14 wire separated by 80 mil string trimmer line and black electrical tape to hold it together.


View looking toward the center feed point showing the 40 meter trap original end insulator and added loading coil.


View of  rope used to support the coil


The mast is from Radio Shack with a sleeve support arm

Part two shows a different loading coil design

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