Notes on Building Antennas That Work

The writer will endeavor to provide some examples of antennas that work well and explain in simple terms why.  In simple terms, an antenna is a device for matching the RF energy applied to it to free space.  Usually the energy is applied to the antenna by a transmission line.

This device used to move energy to the antenna may be coaxial, (a wire on the same axis as a shielding tube or braid, (hence the term coaxial or on the same center axis.

A balanced feed line often consisting of two wires spaced apart evenly is popular and often called ladder line.  A third type used in microwave systems is wave guide This finds very little use except for those amateurs who take microwave work seriously and commercial work at UHF and above.

AF4NB Dave Baker's Chickenfoot Antenna

KC8ICI Semi Tractor Mirror Mounted Screwdriver Antenna

W4KU Shanks 40 Meter Cage Antenna

KB8TNI Bob Jenkins Screwdriver Motor Mobile Antenna

The AE4QL Bill Hays Medium Wave RX Loop Aerial

The KA8DDQ Jim Harvey Antenna Stretcher

The KA8DDQ Jim Harvey Antenna Stretcher Coil Design Two


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