The AE4QL Bill Hays Medium Wave RX Loop Aerial

Photo the receiving loop.  The support is made of PVC piping and there is no need to glue it together for indoor use.  The wire used is CAT 5 shielded cable with the turns joined as shown in the schematic diagram below to make a three turn floating resonate loop that tunes the entire range from 540 KHz through 1710 KHz.  A single turn acts as the signal pickup loop and provides an unbalanced output to the receiver with small coaxial cable.  Note that the shield is joined at the output shielded connector at one place only.  The function of the shield is to act as an electrostatic shield only.  Do not join the ends of the shield because it will act as a shorted turn.

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Schematic Diagram of Loop, switched capacitors and wiring connections

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Bill's Notes

This indoor model seems to work fairly well. The twist in the cat 5 cable seemed to have no effect. I tried several configurations and this one seemed to pick up as well as any and had real smooth tuning all across the band using the range switches. The daytime signals were better than a 6" ferrite rod antenna with a lot better noise rejection using the nulls. The balance is good with deep nulls real close to 180 degrees apart. When I get time I will try to measure the null depth. I am thinking at least 40 dB.


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