Update on Prayer Request For Tabea (Tabby) Youth Worker

From: Manuel

Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 4:05 PM

Subject: A new update on Tabby's condition

Dear friends,

Another Miracle:

On December 29 Tabby got a CAT scan for her neck. The doctors feared that she had a slippage of disk that might require surgery. The CAT scan seemed to confirm this and we were told that Tabby needed a metal plate in her cervical vertebra. They said it might even be worse and they went to take an MRI to find out.

The MRI then showed that Tabbyís spine was okay and she does not need surgery. Praise God. The only thing is that her muscles are so tight that her spine gets twisted from that.


Ted is doing okay. As long as he has a battle to fight he is okay. Right now he is trying to get Tabby home. A day at the rehab costs $800. If we take Tabby home we hope that the health insurance will pay for another month of outpatient rehab. They will decide soon if they are going to do this. Otherwise the cost would still be about $600 a day.

We thank God that He has heard our prayers and the settlement money has come in to take care of these costs right now. Since this was just a one time payment it is easy to freak out and see the money going to all these different enormous costs. We donít know when Tabby will be strong and healthy enough to not have to go to doctors anymore. I have to remind myself that God really is the one who provides and who will keep providing once this money is used up. Thank you again for all your support and prayers in the area of finances.

Back to Ted: he has to make many important decisions with Tabby coming home. It has almost been a year now since the accident and you can imagine that this is really hard for him. It is amazing though how he keeps trusting God and holding on to him. Please pray for him that he will be filled with Godís joy and strength every day as he keeps fighting for Tabbyís best.


Many of you have asked me how Isabella is doing with all this. She was only six months when the accident happened so at first sight it seems like she did not notice much of what was going on. However you can see that she is extremely shy and will cry if anybody else but her Daddy wants to come close to her or pick her up. It always takes some time for her to even trust me. It is obvious that she knows that Tabby is her mom but it is impossible right now for Tabby to hold Isabella or do the things that moms do to their daughters. In spite of all this Isabella growing well and she is a very happy baby.


Tabby keeps making progress. She speaks more and even uses intonations in her voice. Yesterday she sang a worship song together with me using her voice. When I prayed together with her that God would be with Ted and Isabella and bring Tabby back to them and restore her lost year she started crying. She notices everything going on around her; she just canít express herself real well. The doctors keep saying that her injury is not that bad and they donít understand why Tabby is not doing better. Please pray that she will be able to use her legs soon to walk and that she will be able to use her body better.

Please also keep praying for Tabbyís complete healing. I canít wait for the day to come when I send the news that Tabby is completely restored because God has touched her.

Thank you for everything.

Blessings and love,



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