Prayer Request For Tabea (Tabby) Youth Worker

Great News

From Manuel Ramminger

Thursday, May 19, 2005 6:40 PM

Tabea ist aufgewacht / Tabea is awake!

Dear friends,

I just talked with Ted and my father. Tabea did wake up today. She said her name and Isabella. She is counting numbers and is able to react to orders. The doctors decided she can go to the brain rehab next Wednesday. We are very happy and thankful about this! Thanks for your prayers. God bless you.


Liebe  Freunde,

gerade habe ich mit Ted und meinem Vater gesprochen. Tabea ist heute aus dem Koma aufgewacht. Sie sagte ihren Namen und Isabella. Sie hat auf Englisch gezählt und konnte auf Anweisungen reagieren. Die Ärzte haben entschieden, dass sie nächste Woche Mittwoch in die Gehirnreha kommen wird. Wir sind sehr glücklich und dankbar. Danke für Eure Gebete. Gott segne Euch,


April 22, 2005

Dear Everybody,

It's been a while since I sent a Tabby update.  There is good news and badish news.  As usual.  This has been such a struggle for her and for her family.  Please keep praying.  Progress is happening sloooooowly. 

The good news is that she made it into coma rehab about a week ago.  This is a miracle on many fronts because it's very expensive and hard to get into. God has worked some amazing things out to get her in and to start paying for it.  The goal is that they will be able to get her up and ready for regular brain injury rehab in three weeks time. Her doctor was surprised that she was as alert as she is and is "cautiously optimistic."  Please pray that all will go smoothly. 

Part of the goal of having her in rehab is to get her off the feeding tubes and the trachea.  She's very weak, and breathing on her own is hard and tiring for her, but she is doing it in short amounts of time.  The food thing is hard also - they may have overdone it in getting her off the feeding tube, so she threw up yesterday a few times.  Please pray for wisdom for the people working with her.

The mystery is why she seems so alert yet so unresponsive.  They're trying to figure it out. 

Keep praying for Isabella and Ted.  It's nearly three months since this horrible thing happened.  I'm so impressed by Ted's faith, hope, and perseverance in this.  He often leads worship for our base and does it whole heartedly, hanging on to the character of God in the midst of this.  Manuel is the same - always an encouragement to be around.   

Love to all!

Beth Ann

March 17, 2005

Hi all,

I haven't updated you on Tabby for a while, for which I apologize.  Here's the scoop.  She's been moved to a new hospital, which is a good thing.  They're still waiting to get her into some kind of rehab because the rehab places will only take her if she's got two kinds of insurance (Don't ask me why).  Ted is trying to get her on medicare, which she doesn't really qualify for because she's German (he's an American), but they may take her because of the severity of her case. 

She's still technically in a coma.  She is starting to respond to some commands - like Ted will tell her to squeeze his hand and she will respond to that sometimes after processing it for a while.  So they're not sure if she'll be in rehab for stimulating people in a comas or in brain trauma rehab. 

Please pray for Ted and Manuel - they're exhausted and really trying to hold on to hope.  Pray for Tabby to be healed, and for her to have hope as well.  There is evidence that she is depressed and that as she becomes more aware, she'll be yet more depressed.  Pray for Isabella as she's missing her mommy. 

Ted's parents are apparently going to move to Madison so that they can be here to help out.  Pray for them in this major life transition. (They're from California.) 

I'm attaching a picture of Tabby and Isabella from Christmas. 

Bless you all, and keep praying, please!

Beth Ann   

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Hi Everybody,


I know that several of you have asked for updates.  I went to the hospital to see Tabby on Monday.  She's been moved to the Neurology ICU and they put a tracheotomy in.  My friend Amy Gail, who is a critical care nurse at the hospital washed Tabby's hair and I "assisted".  It was good to be there and pray for Tabby on site.


She's slowly, very slowly improving.  She's still in a coma, but she's responsive - she opens her eyes and tracks people as they move around the room and she tries to push people away when they do things she doesn't like.  These are all good signs.  They were planning to do knee surgery on her today, but I haven't heard how that went.


However...there is still a long way to go.  There needs to be a breakthrough with the insurance companies.  I'll let Manuel explain, below.  please keep praying for Tabby, Ted, Manuel and all the other family members.  Ted's mom is still here helping to take care of Isabella.  She and Ted's dad are praying about moving out here from California to help with the situation.  This would be a big deal, obviously, so pray for God's direction.


Here's Manuel's letter:


Dear friends,

 It was another good day for Tabby. Things keep getting better slowly. Very slowly.

 There is some complication with the insurance which is really stressing for Ted. He has one of the best health insurances you can get in the Midwest. However, they don t cover brain injury rehab. The insurance of the lady that hit Tabby is not cooperating at the moment so we cannot expect any help from them yet.

 The problem is that Tabby has to go to Rehab in a few weeks. She will have to go to Milwaukee for this but that Rehab costs about 2000 US$ a day (maybe more) and they don t take any patients without insurance coverage or money. In order for Tabby to train her brain again she HAS to go to Rehab though and she has to go to a specialized place.

If we tell the lady s insurance that we need the money to go to Rehab the ball is in their field and they will make a contract for us to sign that will only cover the medical bills. The problem with this is that Ted is not working at the moment because of Tabby. If she goes to Milwaukee he definitely can t work in Madison.

 Please pray that God will bring justice, that people at the insurance will care more about Tabby than the money, or that Tabby will just be healed in the next days so she does not even have to go to Rehab. Please pray for God s perfect will to be done.

 Pray for Ted as well. This process and the insecurity with what will happen is really tough in him.

Isabella misses Tabby and Ted (who is at Tabby s most of the time and can t always take her because it is too much for her) more and more and she cries often times when he leaves. We are trying to figure out the best way for her. As you can imagine that is not easy either.

Thank you.

Blessings and Love,

Good news everybody, but keep praying!  Our prayers really are making a difference.  the doctors said she would die, but she has lived!


Beth Ann


From Manuel:


Dear friends,

I just wanted to share with you some of the exciting developments of today. They took Tabby off the coma inducing medication this morning. Since then she has been opening her eyes every now and then and she has moved her head a little and lifted her arms up.

She still does not focus on anything when she opens her eyes since she is still very drugged up but it is great that she opens them. The doctor said that the brain injury is pretty much healed though they have no way of telling how much damage has been done. This is another prayer request.

She also still has a fever.

The doctors think that Tabby might wake up tomorrow or Thursday. We are all very grateful and happy about this development. Thank you so much for standing with us.

May God bless you in amazing ways and shower you with His love.


Hi Dad,


Well,  it's kind of complicated.  On Sunday, her brain pressure went up to 49.  The doctors at that point were pretty much giving up hope because they had never seen anyone whose pressure went over 40 that ever came back down again.  Manuel said it was the hardest day of his life.  Then overnight on Sunday night/Monday, it came down to 31, then dropped all the way to 16 (which is around normal brain pressure).  This drop was something of a miracle in itself.  The doctors and nurses were pretty shocked.  But, in order to take her off the paralyzing medication (which has bad side effects - like she could have a stroke or become addicted to it and stay comatose forever -  and which they can't continue to use for more than the next couple days), they need her to stay stable at that level.  But on Tuesday it went up to 31 again, where it has been pretty steady every since.  The good news is that her brain pressure has stabilized rather than going up and up.  The good news also is that in spite of her pressure going up as high as it did, they are saying that there is some possibility that she could recover.  So what we really need here is for God to work a miracle. 

Ted and Tabby are youth group leaders at a Lutheran church here and since the accident they have been having a bit of a revival.  This is awesome.  Pray that this continues.

I feel very burdened for Manuel's mom, who basically has no hope.  The thing with her is that when Manuel and his brother and sister were small (his brother is also an strong Christian), their mom was walking with God.  Then somehow, she got drawn away into other things and isn't walking with God now.  I really believe that God wants to use this to draw her back to himself.  So that's something to pray for. 

Also pray for strength for Ted and Manuel.  It's been a long week plus for them - not much sleep, constant vigil at the hospital, etc.  They need strength to keep praying and fighting for Tabby.  Ted's mom came from out West, and both Tabby's parents are here now.  Isabella, the baby, seems to be doing okay, although this must be causing something of an upheaval in her small world also.    

Thanks so much for praying and passing on this request!  We need to keep laying hold of God for her.  I believe she will recover, but I also believe that it will be a fight to the end.

Love you!

Beth Ann

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The Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship is praying for Tabea.  How is her progress?

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From: Beth Ann Smith []


Sent: Saturday, February 05, 2005 12:42 PM


Subject: Update on Tabby

This is what the doctor said about Tabby today: She had a good day in the battle for surviving. After a rollercoaster with her brain pressure (ICP) yesterday Tabby s brain pressure stabilized in the teens. The last time they had to give her medication to bring the brain pressure down was last night at 9.00 pm.

 If she remains stable throughout the weekend the doctors will consider taking her off the medication that induces her coma which would give her a chance to wake up.

 Praise God f*or this development. This is really good news in this battle. Please pray that she will remain stable and the recovery process would be able to start soon.

 I thank God for hearing us and working on our behalf.

 Thank you so much again for standing with us.

 Love, Manuel

From: Beth Ann Smith []
Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2005 10:56 AM
Subject: Update on Tabby

 I just wanted to let you know that Tabby remained stable throughout the day today. We talked to the doctor again and he said that there are three options at the moment: a) she does not make it, b) she survives but does not wake up from the coma c) a long recovery process.

 They really don t know. I want to pray and believe for a complete restoration for Tabby in such a way that everybody will see God s hand in this and can t deny it.

There has already been a beginning of a revival in Tabby and Ted s church and in their youth group and it is incredible to see how many churches are praying in unison for her recovery.

Thank you for standing with us. Let us not grow weary praying for Tabby. Please pray for my family as well. My mom does not really have any hope for her, which is hard. Pray that God will give her hope and she will see His love and His beauty.

Thank you again for all your love and support. The list of people receiving these emails is growing daily. It is so encouraging. Thanks for the addresses, Tim. Thanks to everyone who forwards these messages so more people can pray.

 May God meet you in amazing ways as you spend time with Him lifting Tabby up to Him.

Love, Manuel

From: Beth Ann Smith []
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2005 9:13 PM
Subject: urgent prayer request

Dear friends,

Please, please pray for my co-worker's sister Tabea.  Manuel (my co-worker) is from Germany.  His sister Tabea married an American and they live here in Madison where they serve as youth pastors at a local church.  They have a five month old baby named Isabella.  Last night, when they were leaving the youth group, Tabea was hit by a car.  She is in a coma with brain swelling and a fractured spine.  She is a sweet, gentle, wonderful person who is very much needed by her husband, daughter, youth group, and family.  Please pray that the swelling goes down, that her brain heals, and that God restores her to health quickly.  Right now, she's in critical condition - the doctor's goal is to keep her alive and then she may heal slowly.  Please pray that God does a miracle and she heals quickly.  He's in that business.

Bless you!!

Beth Ann